16 January 2011

Travel Spell

Here is a spell I wrote many years ago when I was traveling cross-country on a regular basis.  You say this spell before beginning your journey and it can be repeated at any time during the journey to give it a boost.

By the powers of the moon and sun,
I conjure.
I travel this night.
Great power of the west,
Guardian of those, who like the primal waters,
flow from place to place.
I will depart on time.
I will arrive on time.
My road will know no obstacles.
My journey will know no hardships.
Let my lessons from this journey be brief.
I will fly like the wind,
Where I want to go.
I meet those who care, safely.
I have all I intended to bring.
Thus do I conjure.
Never let this spell reverse
or upon me place a curse.
By nature’s will and harm to none
Let this my spell not be undone.

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