29 April 2014

Beltane 2014 - Tesla's Ghost

Wow, it's almost Beltane!  When did that happen?  I've kinda been mentally buried for the last few months, but as my herbs are springing forth so am I.

My big plans for Beltane are to do a little pop culture magick at work.  I do one of those weird hybrid jobs that's impossible to quantify on a resume.  I'm an attorney, but I'm party of our firm's IT group and I implement and manage our case management software.  It has its good days and bad days.  IT is never really given the priority it should be at my firm, so our servers are old, badly patched, and all around terrifying.  On any given day it's a toss up as to whether everything will be functioning when I get in.  I already have a host of action figures and plushies at my desk for my personal protection, but I don't have anything to actually protect the technology that I work with.  I've decided to change that.

I've decided to spend my Beltane creating a server guardian.  To that end I've purchased a Tesla bobble head.  For those of you not in the know, Nikola Tesla is one of the great innovators of the modern era.  He came up with breathtaking inventions and concepts that are still being explored a hundred years later.  The man came up with the concept of cell phones in 1900 - truly remarkable.  Nikola Tesla was essentially the Tony Stark of his era, though not nearly as rich. If anyone can help me keep our servers up and running, it's the spirit of Tesla. 

I intend to do a fairly elaborate ritual to charge my bobble head, as I'm basically going to conjure forth Tesla's spirit and ask him to hang out with me on a regular basis.  I work with the dead rather often, so it's not that big a leap for me.  I intend to spend some time reading a biography of Tesla, and then make some offerings of incense and vodka on my altar.  I'll have a chat with Tesla's spirit and ask if he's willing to help me out.  If he is, then I'll help him take residence in my figurine and give him regular offerings as time passes.  If he's not willing, then I 'll just have to make a servitor to the same purpose.  Either way, it should be some good solid magick.

Oh, and for those of you that are in the Puget Sound region, this Saturday May 2nd I will be over at Avebury Mystikals over in Bermerton for their 2nd Anniversary Celebration.  I'll be signing copies of my book, Defense Against the Dark, and possibly doing a few tarot readings :)  Come by and say hello!