07 February 2011

A Few Announcements

Hey there folks, I've got a few announcements.

On 14 February I'm going to be interviewed on the FATE Radio show The Grand Dark Conspiracy at 10pm est (7pm pst). I'll be talking about my book, monsters, and magick. You can listen to it streaming on FATE Radio or you can download the podcast a few days afterwards. I'd love to know I've got friends listening in.

Also, on 18-21 February I'll be attending Pantheacon in San Jose, Ca.  I'll be presenting my workshop, Magickal Self-Defense on Monday the 21st at 11am.  Here is the workshop description from the program:

A hands-on introduction to the basics of magickal self-defense. This workshop will include the topics of energetic awareness, shielding, magickal camouflage, and a brief introduction to protective charms. This is a hands-on workshop and participants will be asked to stand, move around, and actually do magick. All experience levels are welcome.

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