28 April 2011

The Gods Have an Unfortunate Sense of Humor

So, after all my grandiose plans for Walpurgistnacht and Beltane the gods have decided to say, "Hahahah...no."  I have the cold to end all colds.  I've spent the last three days about as sick as I can remember being for a very long time.  It's the kind of cold where you blow your nose until the skin comes off and you get dizzy every time you have to talk more than a few feet.  Do no want.

Today I'm back at work and doing ok, but if I don't get significantly better right quick I'll be spending my Beltane in bed with a cup of tea rather than doing a 12k.  I hate being sick.  I really, really hate being sick and it doesn't help that I'm the magickal equivalent of an anti-healer.  I pretty much make illness worse if I try to do any kind of healing magick so I have to just let this do what it's got to do.  I've got lots of soup, tea, and vitamins and now I just have to take it easy until it goes away.  Is this the gods way of making me stay home and rest? Who knows.

(And no, this is not me trolling for sympathy or offers for healing energy.  I happen to have the kvetch gene and just occassionally need to complain for complaining's sake - it makes me feel oddly better.  So thanks, but no thanks.)

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