04 July 2011

Seattle Zombie Walk 2011

On Saturday the 2nd I participated in the Red, White and Dead - the 2011 Seattle Zombie Walk.  My friend Rae and I got all gorey and joined a few thousand other shambling undead down in Fremont.  It was a beautiful day to be undead.  Here are some picture for you to enjoy.

Here's me with a nasty arm wound.

Here's Rae and I together.  She did our fabulous make-up.
Undead falafels were unexpected, but rather nifty.

This gal definetly had the creepiest make-up I saw all day.

This poor corpse got munched on all day by the horde.

And of course, the massive Thriller dance :)

It was so much fun to enjoy tasty brains with a bunch of crazed undead.  I'm already planning my outfit for next year ;)

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