22 August 2011

New and Improved Daily Protections

It seems that my old standby daily protections are a tad insufficient these days.  I don’t know whether it’s a shift in my own energies or the energies coming at me, but I seem to be affected more by the negativity coming my way than I used to be.  My old protections consisted largely of reciting a protective incantation on my way to work and doing my nightly protection ritual before bed.  I’d occasionally augment these with a little incense or a candle spell if I felt I needed a boost.  These days I’m having to augment them pretty much every day, so out with the old plan and in with the new.

To start off, I’m going to re-work my morning protections – they’re the least robust and have the most room for improvement.  I want my morning protections to block negative energy coming from the outside (but not so much that I don’t learn the lessons that I need to take from them and deal with the causes), ground out negativity from within (but not so efficiently that I’m not aware of them and thus never address the cause), keep me alert and aware of what’s going on around me, bolster my creativity and intuition (so that I can come up with optimal solutions for dealing with problems), and help me deal with stress.  And, this all has to be quick and easy enough that it doesn’t slow me down on my way out of the house.  A simple task, no?

I think that what I’ll do is this:
1. I’ll start by putting a little Firey Wall of Protection oil (a blend of frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, and salt) on my heart chakra and envision it seeping into it to strengthen and purify it.  Then I’ll press my hand out from my heart and create an inner shield to ground negativity from within or without.  I’ll probably take an extra moment here to connect to my deity and let that connection strengthen and comfort me.

2. Then I’ll touch my fingers to my lips (probably just above or below because Firey Wall of Protection oil isn’t particularly tasty) and envision the energy of the oil seeping into me to strengthen and purify my voice – to keep me true to myself and make sure that what I send out into the world is strong and well guided.  Then I’ll press my hand outward to form the next shield out – a shield of air the swirls around me and alerts me to changes in the energy so that I can be aware when something untoward comes at me from without and when I’m generating something harmful.

3. Then I’ll touch my fingers to my third eye, envisioning the energy seeping into that chakra to strength and purify it; to keep my mind and extra senses sharp, to keep me adaptable and light on my feet, and to give me the magickal strength to deal with whatever energy comes my way appropriately.  Then I’ll press my hand out to form the outermost shield which will be a filter to ground any negative energy coming to me that will not do me any good (anything that I won’t learn something important from, anything that would tip me over the edge, anything I was completely unprepared to deal with at that time) and to keep me from unintentionally sending my stress and negativity into the world.  I would probably want to anchor this shield in a piece of jewellery that I’d put on at this time (probably an onxy or snowflake obsidian).

I think that should do it.  It should block energy that wouldn’t do me any good (but let in energy that I really need to deal with/be aware of), it will ground excess negativity, it will keep me alert, and strengthen my abilities to deal with all the crap life dishes out.  Yes, I think this will do nicely for now.  If this isn't enough, then I'll try boosting my nightly protections or maybe adding a midday boost.

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