15 September 2011

Pagan Pride and Religious Freedom

Yes, this is going to be about politics.  I promise I'll keep it short.

I'm a Pagan and damned proud of it.  Where I live the topic of religious freedom is rarely an issue.  The Seattle area is very multicultural and has people of just about every creed living together in relative harmony.  Unfortunately, not all areas are so kind to minority religions.  There are places in this country where identifying as a Pagan or, god forbid, a Witch can lose you a job or get you harassed or even attacked by the small minded who feel threatened by anything they don't understand.

It's Pagan Pride Day season at the moment, so if you are Pagan, curious, or just want to support your Pagan friends and neighbors, I encourage you to seek out your local Pagan Pride Day events and stop in.  Even if all you do is walk in the door you are making a powerful statement that you support tolerance and religious freedom.  The magickal and Pagan communities are small and rather insular.  In the past we kept to ourselves out of fear of hatemongers.  Today we have to stand up for ourselves and let it be known that we will not be maligned or harassed anymore.  Come together with your fellows and know that you are not alone.  Let those people who are in areas that don't have PPD, areas where coming out as a practitioner can get you firebombed, that they are not alone.  We need to stand up for each other because no one else is going to.

I'll be at the Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride Day event this Saturday the 18th, 11-6pm. At 2pm I'll be teaching a workshop on defensive magick and common creatures of the night.

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