16 April 2012

Vampire Ball 2012

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending the 2012 Portland Vampire Ball.  It's a gothically gorgeous event and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.  My dear friend Rae and I made the trek to Portland rather early in the day, so we killed a few hours going to see Wrath of the Titans (sometimes brainless fun is a good thing).  Apparently the main mall in Portland has an indoor ice rink in the middle of it.  Who knew?

After the movie we headed back to the hotel and Rae did our makeup (I'm cosmetically challenged and leave things to the professionals whenever possible).

Rae looked resplendent in a silver gilt coat

I went old school with a rented flamenco ensemble

Good times were had

And the night ended with the traditional black roses and chill while waiting for the cab

Can't wait for next year!

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