09 May 2012

People Suck

Ok, I need to vent.  Yesterday I lost my wedding rings.  This pisses me off to an extent I find difficult to describe.  I went to the gym yesterday and forgot my rings in the locker I was using.  This morning I called the gym and they were neither in the lost and found nor the locker I used yesterday.  This means either the person I talked to was blind and didn't see them in the locker or someone made of with my wedding rings.  I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they were accidentally knocked into someone's bag and they'll find them later and turn them in.  I have very little hope of that.  I feel extremely stupid for leaving them in the first place and deeply disappointed in humanity for someone having taken them.  

As a shadow worker I spend a lot of time with my negative emotions and I know how angry and bitter I can be.  Hell, I'm the kind of witch that will sling a hex with no qualms, so I expected to be a lot angrier than I am now.  I just can't help wondering what kind of circumstances someone would have to live in to think that stealing someone else's wedding rings was their best bet in a situation.  They're wedding rings - these are objects that always have immense emotional significance to people.  What sort of unhappiness would someone need to dwell in to not have empathy for that?  My shadow looms large in my life and I would never, ever do something like that.  What must theirs be like?  Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who's life is so awful and empty that their sense of decency would be so deadened.  So to whomever has my rings - you're a pathetic dick and I feel sorry for you.

Then again, maybe it really was an accident and they'll get turned in sometime over the next week.  I'm not holding my breath but it sure would be a better world if that were the case.

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  1. Maybe guilt will work? Put up some signs that mention the great emotional significance.