15 April 2013


Wow.  You know how yesterday I went on at length about being compassionate and almost never cursing people.  This.  This is something that warranted being hexed until you rot alive.

I went to undergrad just outside Boston.  Every year I looked forward to Marathon Monday.  You see, Wellesley is the halfway point for the Boston Marathon.  There are no classes on Marathon Monday, instead we have a carnival.  For me the Boston Marathon was about getting my fried dough and screaming my head off for all the runners.  They call it the Wellesley Scream Tunnel.  WZLY sets up outside Munger Hall and plays music while Black Bart watches over all with a benevolent eye and volunteers hand out water and orange slices.  One year I got to watch the marathon from the roof of Pomeroy alley (I had a tower room whose window opened out onto the roof).  I loved every moment of it.

That someone would try to turn a celebration of human achievement and perseverance and turn it into a horror show sickens me.  This.  This is something awful enough to warrant a hex.

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