23 October 2014

9 Day Santa Muerte Hex Breaking

I'm normally a very calm, collected person.  Years of shadow work and mediation have given me an incredibly even keel.  Thus, as you might imagine, it takes rather a lot to get me worked up about something.  There's a bit of an unseen consequence to just how difficult it is to make me angry - once I am angry, really and truly angry, I am implacable.  I become the unstoppable force and woe to anyone who gets in my way.  So when someone had the gall to hex someone I care about (it was bad enough that I actually felt the effects) and decided to take drastic measures.

The following hex breaking ritual isn't exactly white magick, so if you're uncomfortable with doing harm it is just not for you. 

9 Day Santa Muerte Hex Breaking

Each day for nine days (ending on the new moon) light a black candle and copal incense.  Draw a drop of your own blood onto a piece of paper.  Burn the paper and say:

Bendita Santa Muerte,
Fortaleza contra mis enemigos conocida o desconocida.
Hoy te pido que alejes de mi toda maldad.
Que todos los deseos negativos de los que me rodean ser neutralizado y terminado.

Más alta santa muerte,
Rompe todas las maldiciones que se han puesto sobre mí o mis intereses.
Por el poder de tu guadaña santo, me libre de los lazos de mis enemigos y destruir a todos sea grande o pequeño.
Que sus huesos se convirtieron en polvo y dejar sus restos esparcidos sobre los cuatro vientos que ni ellos, ni sus aliados ni descendientes serán nunca más levantarse contra mí o mio.

Bendita Santa Muerte,
Fortaleza contra mis enemigos,
En tus manos me encomiendo.  
Mi agradecimiento dama oscura.
Por tu voluntad así debe ser.

Let the candle burn for at least an hour (no more than three).

* I should note that during the course of this hex breaking I suffered a higher than normal amount of bad luck.  Between hellish commutes, some utter nonsense at work, an unusual bout of depression, and some really weird behavior from my house I'm pretty sure that the power of the curse I was lifting was fighting back.  Only use this if you really need to because drawing out a hex breaking just isn't a great idea.

Also, when I finished reciting the incantation on the last day I was...instructed (commanded?) by Santa Muerte to not speak for the rest of the day as a further price for her intervention.  It's a bit odd, but not an unheard of price.


  1. I’d really like to get in touch with you about this please text me 571-732-3870 NEED HELP

  2. I don't text folks I don't know. You can email me at emily (@) e-carlin.com

  3. Hey did you ever get my email? I’m a Santa muerte devotee with a strong strong hex being brought against us. Please get back to me

  4. I did and I emailed you back. Check your spam folder from Friday at 12:02 pt.