31 May 2020

I Feel Sick

A dumpster labelled "2020" on fire
Well, 2020 has been quite a year so far.  I won't belabor the varying hellscapes we've all been dealing with.  We all know.  I don't have anything new to add.  However, since silence is complicity I just want to state, for the record, this blog believes that black lives matter.  White supremacy is bad.  Fascism is bad.  I feel physically ill that these statements can still be considered even remotely controversial.  As a human being, I care about other people.  This should not be a radical stance. 

Santa Muerte Blessing for the Marginalized
(written by me, originally posted on Tumblr as BlackSunMagick in 2016)

Blessed Santa Muerte
Protect the forgotten, the rejected, the unloved
You most holy death, whose love knows no bounds
Who truly embraces all regardless of who or what they are
You who comes to all equally
Let your love and protection flow to those that need it most
To those whom society has abandoned and rejected
Protect those who are most vulnerable with your mighty scythe
Let those who would take advantage, the bullies and usurpers, know your wrath
Protect those with no strength left to protect themselves
Protect the ones who need you
Oh might Santa Muerte, protect us
Most holy Santa Muerte be with us
We thank you highest one, Amen

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