14 October 2020

Spell for Free and Fair Elections

2020 has been a dumpster fire and things aren’t getting any better.  A lot of folks have been asking me what they can do magickally to help things get better.  The answer is easy: vote.  Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.  

I can hear the complaining already, “but voting isn’t magick.”  Hell yes it is.  You take your intent, infuse it into a ballot, that energy joins that of countless others, and then it changes reality.  Pretty much the definition of magick.  You want to take it further: get your friends to vote, get your family to vote, your co-worker, your barista, the person down the street.  Every vote is deliberate energy tuned to create change and we need every last drop.  

You want to take it further still?  How about some spellwork for free and fair elections.  The news is drowning in stories of voter repression and downright fraud trying to prevent people’s votes from being counted.  It’s an affront to justice.  This is the time to pull out the big guns.  Call on your gods, ancestors, and allies to assure that justice is served and that people’s voices are heard.  Take the time to do a full ritual.  Cross every T and dot every I.  This is important.  Do whatever working is strongest in your tradition to ensure that every vote counts and that the published results are the truth and that they are upheld.

Not sure what to do?  Here’s a sample spell you can use.  Feel free to modify it to best fit your practices.

Spell for Free and Fair Elections 

Get a small blue or white candle.  If you have them, grab your voters guides and/or ballot (if you don’t consider finding your local voters guide online and pulling it up on your phone or tablet).

Place your voter’s guide and/or ballot in front of you.  Hold the candle in your cupped palms, hovering over the voter’s guide/ballot.  Recite the following incantation:

Spirits of justice and liberty, hear my call and aid me this day.
Guard the sanctity and security of our elections.
Every person that should have the right to vote will be allowed to do so.
Every person who casts their vote shall be counted.
The results of the election will be published fairly and without bias.  
The true choice of the people will be acknowledged and accepted.
Let justice be served; let our voices be heard.
By our will and action so mote it be!

Place the candle (in an appropriate holder) on the voter’s guide/ballot, light it, and let it burn all the way down.

Repeat as necessary.

Vote by Karen Hallion

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