28 November 2011

Haunted Seattle – Harvard Exit Theatre

On Saturday a friend and I went up to the Harvard Exit Theatre to see Melancholia (good film, weird, but good).  The theatre is legendarily haunted so I was quite curious to see how it felt to me.  We made our way up to Capitol Hill and managed to find free parking only a block away, so I knew things were starting off on the right foot.  I’d been pass the theatre many times (the Hill being one of my favorite places), but had never actually seen anything there.

The building was originally built as the Women’s Century Club back in the 1920s.  It’s a pretty brick building covered in ivy that sits tucked around a corner from Broadway, giving it a cozy feeling.  You come in to a pleasant old-fashioned lobby with old couches, an antique movie projector, and a beautiful stone fireplace.  Right away I could feel that there was something more than ordinary going on.  When I’m in a place with strong metaphysical energies I tend to feel a charge, rather like static electricity.  It feels like there’s something coiled up and ready to release, waiting for some kind of trigger. 

The feeling was the same in the theatre room – a sort of expectant feeling.  The theatre is comfortable and rather pretty; a nice change from the sterile megaplexes I normally go to.  I didn’t experience any haunting phenomena while at the theatre, but the energy was such that it wouldn’t surprise me if things did go bump in the night.  In the theatre I could feel a lot of potent emotional energy just wafting around.  That much energy just there for the taking would make it fairly easy for ghosts and other entities to manifest and get our attention.  There’s something about the intensity of energy and emotion that theatres bring out of people that lingers long after the show is over that makes hauntings common.  I could feel that there were things waiting in the wings for the audience to go home so that they could come out and play.  I’d love to get in there some time after closing and see what I can find.

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