10 November 2011


This morning as I got on the bus I had the pleasure of watching the full moon begin to set behind the clouds and it got me thinking.  One of the greatest pleasures of leading a magickal life is having wonder be a part of the everyday.  When you first start practicing magick it’s like the moment in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps into Oz for the first time and things change from black and white to Technicolor.  All of a sudden things you took for granted become filled with new wonders.  Something as simple as sitting under a tree watching the leaves change becomes a mystical experience as you see the whirl of dancing energies you never realized existed.  I remember a time back at Wellesley where I spent an hour out in the freezing cold watching energies swirling on the lake and pixies dancing with the swans.

Nowadays I’ve gotten rather used to the mystical being all around me all the time and I’ve lost a lot of my sense of wonder.  Do it long enough and even the most fantastical things can become routine and you start taking them for granted.  Magick is a wonderful thing that enriches our lives and it is a privilege to be able to see and feel it working.  Sometimes I forget just how great a gift I’ve been given in being able to lead a magickal life.  Magick has led me to new friends, countless adventures, and a sense of purpose and belonging that I’d thought was beyond me.  I am so, so grateful for the gifts that magick has brought into my life.  Taking these mysteries for granted is a profound insult to everything I hold dear and I’m heartily ashamed of myself.

So, now it’s time to pick myself up and recommit to all the things I’ve been letting slide.  I’ve made my daily protections sacrosanct (I couldn’t skimp on them if I tried.  I literally cannot fall asleep until I’ve done them correctly.); I’ll just have to do the same for daily thanks.

I thank you Dark Lady for the gifts you’ve given me.  I thank you for the joy and wonder, I thank you for the pain and sorrow.  May I see all your gifts for what they are and take lessons from them.  May I forever recognize your hand in my life. 

I thank you for all that gives me peace.  I thank you for the stillness of the mountains; I thank you for the sea of the stars; I thank you for the warmth of your fire; I thank you for the strength of your bones.

I thank you for comfort of your presence.  May I live forever in your sight.

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