01 February 2012

Happy Imbolc

Ah Imbolc, that strange time of year when winter is half over and yet the worst of it is often yet to come.  This has been an odd winter for me.  Normally I spend most of my winter in quiet introspection, fully appreciating the season.  This year I started running in the winter and so I've been unusually active.  On the one hand this is great because running gives me a solid hour or two of meditative time several times a week.  On the other hand, all this activity has thrown off my natural seasonal rhythm.  Without the depth of my normal introspective time I feel like I just haven't connected with the divine in anything but a surface way.

I have a very strong connection to my deity and normally take time to really commune with her.  It's in that communion time that I get messages and direction for what I need to do over the next several months.  That gives me a great sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Somehow, those times just got lost in the shuffle these past few months. My mind has been so overworked with thinking about my health, exercise, and all the other mundania that I'm surrounded with that I just plain forgot to carve out time that was solely sacred and nothing else.  Meditation and mindfulness are great, but they're no substitute for direct communion with deity.  I feel a bit like a shmuck. 

Well, this evening I'm going to go home, run, and then take some time to do *gasp* an actual ritual!  I'm going to turn off my phone, get kitted up, and actually do a full formal ritual.  I need meaningful connection in a big way.  Somehow, in the midst of learning new techniques and strengthening my understanding of metaphysics I lost track of the point.  It all boils down to this: all that matters is that which puts you in the sight of your god.

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  1. "It all boils down to this: all that matters is that which puts you in the sight of your god."

    Well said.