29 February 2012

Zombies! Run! and Pcon Handout

It's been madness since I got back from Pantheacon and I promise I'll get you a nice chewy blog post soon.  In the mean time I just have to plug some awesomeness for anyone who likes zombies and enjoys running.

First, if you haven't heard of Run For Your Lives, you should.  It's a 5k that you run through a zombie infested obstacle course.  This sounds like more fun than should be legal.  I'm going to be doing the Seattle/Portland run on 8/4.  I'll be a shambling zombie in the morning (11:20am-2:40pm) and running the course in the afternoon (3pm).  Signing up to be a zombie cuts the registration fee by more than half, but spots are limited.  If you want to join me as a zombie you should sign up soon!

Second, there's a great new app for smartphones called Zombies, Run!  It's a running app where it integrates your normal running routine with a really well told zombie story.  As you run you pick up supplies for survivors and get chased by zombies.  I have never sprinted so fast in my life as when I heard the radar beep getting faster and faster and that voice telling me that the zoms were gaining on me.  If you run and you like zombies it's a must have.

For those of you weren't at my lovely Pcon workshop, Magickal Munitions - Magickal Protection for the Urban Practitioner.  Here's the content of my handout:

Cities Are Alive – Fortify. Refine. Respond.

Fortify – Define and Defend Your Space

-  Define the borders of your space
-  Cleanse and purify your space
-  Ward
-  Sanctify

Refine – Learn More About Your Surroundings

-  Mundane
     Neighbors (personality, energy, proximity, discretion)
     Neighborhood (crime, tolerance, engagement)
-  Divination
-  Energy sensing
-  Spirits of the city

Respond - Adapt Your Protections Accordingly

-  Offerings to the mundane and magickal
     Community Service
-  Subtle, contained protective measures
     Chameleon aura
     Grounding shields
     Witch Bottles

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