06 January 2013

House Cleansing and Protection for Special Events

I love having people over for food, stories, and maybe a little magick ;)  I love it when my home is filled with laughter and smiling faces.  I don't love it when a guest tracks metaphysical muck all throughout my house.  A few years ago I had a Samhain party and someone I knew brought someone I didn't know into my home - someone with an attachment.  Well, surrounded by a bunch of tasty magickians that attachment decided to wait until one of my guests was vulnerable and try to attack her.  It waited until everyone else had gone (this friend was spending the night) and it tried to attack her in her sleep.  The standard protections I had up kept it from doing her any real harm but it scared the living daylights out of her.  When I found out the next day I felt awful that my protections hadn't prevented it and kicked myself for not acting on my instincts and booting the SOB that brought it when I first felt something was wrong.

As you may imagine, I've changed up the protections on my home since that event.  Now I have a much stricter protection ritual that I use before people come over.

House Cleansing and Protection for Special Events

Begin with a thorough mundane cleaning of the house and a good smudging.

Set the energy in your home to the energy you want at your festivities by playing appropriate music (the vibrations of the right music can do amazing things!), decorating, etc.

Create and energetic "shower" that people must pass through in order to enter your home.  You can do this by decorating your door frame with cleansing herbs, charged streamers, etc.  Charge the area to cleanse all guests as they come into your space and to bind them to keep their crap to themselves and not leave it - if they bring something negative they've got to take it home.  You can also do this by handing guests charged party favors as they enter.  For example, you can hand each guest a small bag with a sprig of rosemary, a small onyx, and piece of rose quartz "for luck." 

Before your guests are set to arrive, but after you've set up, go to your altar and make declaration of intent for your party.  Verbally affirm your intent for the gathering, what you hope to accomplish, and how.  Speak any rules for your guests behavior, and exactly how you want your wards to function during the event.  Be sure to include a statement of what happens when someone violates your rules - e.g., "If anyone coming to this event intends harm to me, mine, or any of my guests they shall not gain entrance here.  Anyone bringing harm into my home shall be blocked and forbidden."  Then set out an offering of the very best of your food and drinks on your altar to ensure a fun and festive event with as little drama as possible.

Enjoy your gathering and be a good host.

Do a thorough cleansing of your home as soon afterwards as possible.  You may need to pass out on the couch immediately after the party wraps up, but do this as soon as you are able.  I like to go through with smudge and my tsingshas.

Make an offering of thanks at your altar.

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