26 February 2013


So, we got a new firewall at work.  It's setup to block virus, pornography, gambling, gaming, etc.  Sounds reasonable right?  One problem.  It classifies magick and the occult as "adult/mature" content.  Doesn't filter the bible, abortion, or mainstream news.  Doesn't filter tumblr.com (which will let you browse pornography with the right tag search) but does filter out my tumblr if you go to it directly because it's got the witchcraft tag on it. 

This kinda pisses me off.  I kind of want to write to SonicWall and bitch at them for discriminating against the magickal community.  I'm not ok with this.  If I can go to Catholic.org I should be able to go to The Wild Hunt.   And yet I can go to Witchvox.com?  Makes no sense whatsoever. 

Time to go all lawyer on them.

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