11 February 2013

Prepping for Pantheacon

I cannot believe Pantheacon starts on Friday.  Where the hell did the last few months go?

I leave for San Jose Wednesday morning and will probably spend most of the trip frantically writing myself presentation notes.  My workshop, Dispute Resolution for Magickal Communities, is on Friday at 1:30 in Pine.  Originally it had been set for the Silicon Valley room, a tiny little room that seats about 25 people, but was switched to Pine a few weeks ago.  Pine is one of the big ballrooms that seats over a hundred people.  Will that many people show up?  Probably not, but a girl can hope right ;)

Dispute resolution isn't exactly a whiz-bang topic, but it's incredibly important and it's something the magickal community desperately needs more of.  We've had too much sniping and hard feelings at the convention the last few years.  I really hope my presentation can help us create a better dialogue and set a more positive tone for things this year.  If I had to choose three things that I hope people will come away from my presentation with it would be:
  • The ability to clearly see their own conflicts
  • The ability to really listen to someone they're angry with
  • The ability to clearly communicate what they really mean
Just a few little things really ;) 

I'm quite glad my workshop is so early in the con.  It means I can get the hard part over with right away and then get on to enjoying the rest of the convention.   Of course, it also means I might get roped into mediating anything that comes up during the rest of the con, but that's ok too. 

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